Fernley residents fear for their homes after the City zones them in an 'Industrial Area'


    Residents of Fernley are worried that their home may be subject to eminent domain after the city of Fernley labels the neighborhood's redevelopment zone as "Industrial Area."

    Eminent domain is the government's right to make private property, such as a home, public use. The owner of the private property will receive payment of compensation.


    The homes located in the area of Fremont St and I-80 in Northwest Fernley, seen in the yellow area above, are the homes that residents say they fear may be pushed out by businesses.

    According to City Manager Daphne Hooper and Fernley Mayor Roy Edgington, the fear comes out of the misunderstanding of the "Industrial Area" label.

    Hooper says the main confusion is between the Master Plan Land Use and the Redevelopment Zones. Here is the Master Plan Land Use.

    The label used for the yellow zone could have been named anything, but they understand the confusion for residents, states Mayor Edgington.

    Mayor Edgington says:

    In this case everybody thats here are residents and they are not going to be moved.

    City Manager Hooper says they may change the name in the future to avoid confusion, but wants to assure the public that these homes are not in danger of eminent domain.

    Hooper adds that the zones in the master plan are entirely seperate from the redevelopment zones, and the master plan lists the homes in question as a residential area, not as industrial.

    According to Mayor Edgington, residential areas cannot be used for industrial use under state law:

    Zoning already is in anchor. I mean it's anchored. You got a house and you are on a lot and that's your house its zoned for a home,industrial is zoned for industrial and mercantile is for mercantile.

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