Emergency hearing set after Richie West Jr. hospitalized

An emergency hearing was set for Friday, May 27, 2016, after Richard Winston West II was hospitalized.

An emergency hearing is set before Federal Magistrate William Cobb this Friday beginning at 10 a.m. Part of the motion is sealed, so details are not available, but Richard Winston West II's attorney, David Houston, confirms West is in the hospital following a medical emergency that he said was potentially life-threatening. Houston said West was found in his jail cell, lethargic and unresponsive.

It was just last week, Federal District Judge Miranda Du ruled West should remain behind bars pending his trial despite a hearing requesting West's release due to health concerns. Houston said West has unique medical issues stemming from a degenerative disease. He argued the jail is not equipped to handle West's medical care.

In her ruling, Judge Du ordered the Washoe County Jail to coordinate West's treatment with his outside physician to ensure West receives treatment made necessary by his medical condition.

The motion for an emergency hearing is sealed, meaning details are not being made public.

The government issued a response stating the motion should be denied. It notes; "On the basis of "limited information," defendant Richie West seeks to re-open his detention hearing less than a week after the Court's Order detaining him." It goes on to say, "Until the defendant can fairly represent to the Court: (1) from what medical event he suffered; and (2) how that event demonstrates the jail's inability to manage his condition, he has failed to adequately support his motion."


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