Homeless shelters experience overcrowding in colder months


Cold winter temperatures are beginning to settle in and many homeless veterans are having a hard time finding a warm place to stay at night.

Shane Whitecloud, Corporate Outreach Specialist at Veterans Resource Centers of America, says "Especially now that it is getting cold and its getting freezing temperatures overnight. It’s extremely difficult so those over flow shelters are set up with van transport back and forth to try and help people get into a bed so we don't have to worry about their health and safety overnight”.

Veterans Resource Centers of America is not a shelter home; however, they help with permanent housing accommodations for those who have served.

Whitecloud says that the center has paid for veteran families to stay in hotels or motels while they wait for the right housing.

Volunteers of America in Reno is lending a hand by housing vets in warm shelters that are first come first serve.

"The weather that we have going on right now, the very cold temperatures we operate our warming shelters. So we have one for both men and women. We can accommodate close to 60 individuals and get them out of the elements”, says Linda Grace, Regional Development Officer at VOA.

The VOA and The City of Reno are working to combat overcrowding at shelters during this time of year.

“Overflow shelter which is located off campus and we have an additional 150 beds to accommodate men and women. The City of Reno through the winter months have put additional tents which will operate until March”, said Grace.

Tents are available every night starting at 8 p.m. and include heaters and lighting.

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