Disabled, elderly tenants evicted from Reno's Midtown rooming house after property sale


A collection of properties in Midtown were sold to California-based company, BB Lofts Investors L.L.C. in November 2017.

The two rooming houses on West Taylor Street and Forest Street have a total of 22 tenants who must all vacate the premises by June 19, 2018.

The 30-day eviction notice came in April. Tenants applied for an extension, for which they received 30 additional days.

Tenants pay less than $300 per month to live in Midtown, and say it has been impossible to find anything comparable in the area.

On-site property manager, Jenny Tavernier, said that one of her tenants is planning on living in his car. Others are moving in with friends or finding roommates to split the cost of their next home.

News 4 reached out to the new property owners and have not heard back.


Elaine Weisman, with the City of Reno Housing and Neighborhood Development, told News 4 that the tenants can apply for deposit assistance through the City. However, they would be responsible for finding somewhere to live.

Through a Reno Housing Authority program, however, Weisman said tenants would be placed. Rent is subsidized and would be 30% of their income.

The wait list to be in this RHA program has opened up for the first time in two years, according to Weisman.

Below is a list of affordable housing in the area:

For those facing rent hikes or emergency situations, visit this site to apply for assistance. The tenants in this story do not apply, however.

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