Decision 2018: how Reno's mayoral candidates plan to tackle homelessness

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    Mayor Hillary Schieve and opponent Eddie Lorton are going head to head in Reno's mayoral race in less than a month.

    In an interview with News 4- Fox 11, each candidate identified vastly different views on how the City should address homelessness.

    Eddie Lorton's Take

    Lorton said he believes the homeless and all homeless services should be moved to Washoe County's jurisdiction.

    Lorton said homelessness is a "non-city" issue and that the responsibility rests with the County.

    He said the City's duties are to police, fire and public works, and that the County receives funding for the programming. Therefore, it should tackle homelessness in the area.

    He also said moving homeless individuals out of the downtown core will be beneficial for them.

    “They get away from all the elements" Lorton said. "There's no alcohol, drugs prostitution, gaming, all these certain things that go on own the downtown core."

    Mayor Hillary Schieve's Take

    Mayor Schieve said she believes the solution lies in collaboration.

    Her goal is to work alongside Washoe County and the City of Sparks to come up with a solution together.

    Currently, the three entities are working together on an expansion of the Northern Nevada Adult Mental Health campus.

    The expansion may include a new homeless shelter.

    She also said she will fight for higher wages once the Legislature is back in session.

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