Two arrested during DACA protest at Rep. Amodei's Reno office

daca protest.png

The Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada scheduled a meeting with U.S. Rep. Mark Amodei Friday morning.

They arrived at his Reno office to find the lights off and door locked. They received a call saying the meeting had been canceled because it was Nevada Day.

"I was angry," said Theresa Navarro, a protester with PLAN. "I was so angry because we came here with all these DACA students."

She was prepared to demand answers from the congressman about his plans for DACA.

After learning about the cancellation, the meeting quickly turned into a protest.

Isaac Contreras, a fifth-year social work major at the University of Nevada, Reno, said he was disappointed the meeting was cancelled. He wanted to tell the story of how his parents brought him here from Mexico when he was five.

"I didn't even know that I was coming here," Contreras said. "I was told I was going to McDonald's and I woke up and I was here."

He is a DACA recipient and is worried about what happens when it expires in two years.

"For me to go to a country I haven't been to for 15 years? That's ridiculous to me," he said.

After protesting outside, Navarro brought several inside with her. They hung a sign on his door and chanted.

Although the building was open to the public, others that worked there complained to the Reno Police about the disturbance.

"Those folks who were responsible for the building wished to sign a complaint against them for trespassing," Lt. Joe Robinson said.

They were warned repeatedly that they would be arrested if they stayed in the hallway. All but two left. They were arrested and issued citations for trespassing.

After a quick ride in a patrol car, they were released. They were told that they had to leave the property immediately and that they were banned for six months.

NOTE: The report has been corrected to reflect that Isaac Contreras is a social work major.
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