Could Reno finally see a bike-sharing program roll in?

The San Mateo based company was founded January 2017. By the end of the year, it will have expanded to more than 20 markets across the nation.

Get your helmets ready; a bike-sharing company is looking to come to the Reno-Sparks area.

LimeBike will meet with the Reno City Council this Wednesday to give a presentation on its product.

The bikes do not require dock stations to park the cycle. Instead, each bike has a self-lock with a GPS installed. Bikers can scan the QR code on the app to unlock the bike. Once the consumer locks the bike, the ride is over, leaving it up for grabs.

The usage rate would be $1 for every 30 minutes, with a monthly pass costing $30 for 100 rides.

People could also access the app-driven program without a smartphone. There would be a number you can dial to unlock the bike.

The program is already operating in the city of South Lake Tahoe, and because this system is dock-less, officials say it would be a cost-effective option for the city of Reno.

The Regional Transportation Commission has been supportive of implementing a bike sharing program. RTC released a feasibility study that found traditional programs with docks would cost the city an estimate of $2.08 million, of which $1.27 million represents capital costs alone.

According to LimeBike's spokesperson Gabriel Scheer, the company can offer its service to the city at no cost. The company plans to push out a minimum of 500 bikes in the area.

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