Construction not affecting Hot August Nights in Sparks

Construction not affecting Hot August Nights in Sparks.

Baldini’s Sports Casino in Sparks isn’t letting nearby construction on Glendale Avenue derail their plans for Hot August Nights.

“It’s been booming,” said Director of Marketing, Randy Wike. “Kind of the misnomer was the traffic. You can get here East or West on Glendale. You can come up Rock. There’s easy access here, so we want the people to know you can get here.”

In fact, the casino says this year, they are pulling out all the stops.

“This year we’ve even added Elvis!” said Wike. "We’ve got Brian Andrews as Elvis, so we’ve kind of added a different event each year. This year we’re obviously topping it off.”

To help area business, the Nevada Department of Transportation has halted all major construction in the area during Hot August Nights.

“Even during construction, each and every business on Glendale Avenue remains completely accessible and open for business,” said Meg Ragonese with NDOT.

Extra signage has been added to the area to help drivers access Baldini’s and other businesses, according to Ragonese.

Ragonese said NDOT is halfway done with the Glendale Avenue project and expect to have it finished later this fall.

For Baldini's complete Hot August Nights schedule of events and to purchase tickets, go to

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