Cold Springs residents see increase in vehicle burglaries

Cold Springs residents have seen an increase in vehicle burglaries lately. (Courtesy: Brittany Smith) 

Residents in Cold Springs are angry, frustrated and some are scared because of a string of recent vehicle burglaries, said the neighborhood watch coordinator.

Just this past weekend, after vehicle burglaries, someone also fired several shots into a home on Trout Court.

Michelle Butler, coordinator for the Cold Springs Neighborhood Watch, said the burglars haven't gotten away with much after breaking into unlocked vehicles.

"(People) feel that we're out in the country and we're further away so they have a habit of leaving doors unlocked, their cars unlocked, and people have just been looking for easy access," Butler said.

The Washoe County Sheriff's Office encourages everyone to report all suspicious activity and small crimes, no matter how insignificant it may seem.

"It'll show trends, it could be some evidence that you didn't see that might be at one particular incident," Deputy Teresa Aquila said.

"If the crime has occurred, please report it because in our world, if it's not reported, it didn't happen."

Butler stressed to neighbors at a neighborhood watch meeting Tuesday to take common-sense precautions.

"Put things away in your vehicles, you don't want to have your jacket covering your laptop, you don't want your cellphone cords hanging out."

"You don't want anything noticeable."

CLICK HERE if you would like to join a neighborhood watch group or create one if one doesn't exist in your neighborhood already.

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