City of Reno involved in $5,000 "phishing" scam

    City of Reno involved in $5,000 "phishing" scam.

    According to the City of Reno, late last year the city was targeted in an email “phishing” scheme.

    The city said in a statement, "due to human error, the scammers were able to obtain approximately $5,000 of funds."

    The City of Reno takes the highest possible security measures to avoid cyber threats, but this incident reminds us of the importance of taking increased security measures to further protect our organization.
    In response to the situation, our Department of Information Technology has implemented an enhanced, mandatory security training program for employees. This is a good reminder of the human component involved in these scams, and to remain diligent in our modern digital work environment.
    We want to make it clear that this was an isolated incident. Citizen and employee information was never targeted or disclosed. Our cybersecurity platform and digital safety programs continue to keep that precious data safe.

    The city said that they are unable to provide more details at this time due to security risks and the fact that this is an open investigation through the Reno Police Department.

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