City of Reno's data servers will be moved to Switch campus next year

City of Reno's data servers will be moved to Switch campus next year

The City of Reno will move its data servers to the Tahoe-Reno Industrial Center next year after getting approval for a contract with Switch on Wednesday.

Reno City Council members unanimously approved a multi-year contract with Switch and Trace3 to move the city's primary IT center, a step that city officials hope will happen in summer 2019.

The initial cost to move servers to the Switch campus at TRIC is $550,000 and it will cost the city $125,000 annually after that for server space and maintenance.

City officials indicated during the regular council meeting Wednesday that city hall wasn't the most safe or secure location to house servers.

Online documents show the servers are in an 'improvised room' where equipment sits on a wooden raised floor. The server room also has windows, which can contribute to fluctuating temperatures.

Rishma Khimji, the city's technology director, said what keeps her up at night is wondering what would happen to city servers in the event of a flood or other incident.

"We do have these environmental conditions that could just spring up at any moment."

"(That) terrifies us because that leads us to having downtime at the city, especially for those services that help the constituents," Khimji said.

Khimji told News 4-Fox 11 that Reno is the first local government in Northern Nevada to take this step, and that city officials hope other municipalities will follow suit.

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