Officials: Churchill County law enforcement center to solve overcrowding, promote safety

A pair of handcuffs hang at the new Churchill County detention center. (KRNV/KRXI)

Churchill County held a dedication for its brand new, $17 million law enforcement center Wednesday.

The center replaces a jail built in 1973 that officials said had become a safety hazard for both inmates and guards.

There was no separation between inmates who had committed violent crimes and those who had not.

There were no cuff ports for guards to be able to cuff inmates through a hole in their cell door. Instead, guards had to enter the cell.

Inmates also had to be escorted by a guard to go anywhere in the jail.

The jail was so overcrowded that judges allowed prisoners to be released early in order to manage the population.

Officials say the new facility aims to solve all of these issues.

Now, the jail is split into six pods, each with 10 cells, which allows for the separation of inmates.

Cuff ports are on every cell door.

New technology and a 'crow's nest' with mirrored glass allows guards to lead inmates from one section to the next without actually escorting the prisoners.

The new facility also has 120 beds, whereas the old one had 52. An additional pod can also be converted to allow 20-24 additional beds.

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