Local passengers react to Boeing 737 Max 8 & 9 grounding


    Local passengers from the Reno-Tahoe Airport expressed there concerns to President Trump's "emergency announcement" of the U.S. grounding all Boeing 737 max 8 planes following a second fatal crash in Ethiopia.

    Matt Hansen, passenger at RNO, says he was affected while flying back from Orlando through Southwest Airlines, "Night of traveling. We had to change flights yesterday. We had to fly in today. It’s really not too big of a deal. Just like what my wife said they let us know beforehand what they were doing and they gave us the opportunity to change our plane."

    Southwest Airlines issued a statement regarding their planes:

    United Airlines and American Airlines both use either the Max 8 or 9 planes in their fleet. Both have since grounded their planes as well.

    Chris Miller, passenger at RNO says, "We were walking by someone before and all we heard was ohh our flight might be delayed. So I’m sure so many people are delayed right now and I’m sure it’s causing a lot of panic for people."

    As of right now there is no telling when these planes will be flying again, until further investigation is done at the crash site in Ethiopia.

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