Body recovered inside trailer home after fire

Reno, Nev, (KRNV & fire crews responded to a trailer home fire on the 3000 block of Wrondel Way early Sunday morning.

"Once I realized the fire department was actually trying to break open the door that's when I realized that he was still inside the trailer," neighbor Kristina Wilson says.

Another neighbor saw smoke coming from the trailer around 7 a.m.

The Reno Fire Department was able to arrive on scene in under five minutes.

When fire crews got there the fire was smoldering and there was no response from the resident.

Fire fighters had to break through the door and it was clear the adult male inside was dead.

"It takes its toll. We have what I call the carousel, the slide carousel, of the things fire fighters see in their career that are very traumatic and for these guys it'll be one more slide in the carousel," Battalion Chief for the Reno Fire Department Todd Keckley says.

The cause of death is under investigation as well as the cause of the fire.

Keckley says the majority of the damage was inside the home.

It took crews until 2 p.m. and 500-gallons of water to get everything put out.

Keckley also tells News 4 the trailer did not have a smoke alarm.

Although what caused the fire is still unknown, he says smoke alarms can make all the difference.

"In the case of somebody dozing off with a cigarette that started a fire the smoke alarm would wake them and alert them to the fire and give them a better chance to get out," Keckley says.

Neighbors say they're still shocked.

Wilson says the older male victim really kept to himself.

"I didn't know much about him i would just see him leave ever once in a while with a friend to go to the grocery store," Wilson says.

For now the neighborhood is left wondering what happened at space number 15.

Investigators with the coroners and the fire department hope to have both investigations wrapped up in the next few days.

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