'Biggest Little City' rolls out its new brand with $4.4 million budget

'CREATE ART DESTROY MONOTONY" is one of the billboards that will be seen throughout the Bay Area, Los Angeles and Seattle area.

Reno is getting a makeover.

The Reno-Sparks Convention and Visitors Authority (RSCVA) debut its latest re-branding campaign to attract visitors from the Los Angeles and Seattle areas. A new logo was designed to update the brand.

According to RSCVA president and CEO Phil DeLone, the time is right for Reno-Tahoe to introduce a new identity that reflects what he says is the full depth and breadth of the destination. The brand also lays the groundwork for a new generation of travelers seeking authenticity and personalization.

"All that exciting new development with all the economic development and the new companies coming to town and younger people moving in, that's who we want to identify with," said RSCVA executive vice president of marketing Jennifer Cunningham.

The "aggressive marketing" budget is more than $4.4 million. The plan includes print, outdoor and digital campaigns through the rest of 2017.

The previous $1 million budget was aimed towards the Bay Area. With the boost from the room tax, it allows RSCVA the opportunity to reach markets such as Los Angeles and Seattle.

"Now more than ever, a brand needs to speak to you and Reno has an incredible story to tell. We were at the top of the list for foreclosure and unemployment," said Reno Mayor Hillary Schieve. "Now visitors need to know there's this incredible Reno revival happening."

The new destination brand focus on the theme "ambition."

Where ambitions are fully inspired and quickly rewarded.

The last time RSCVA rebrand its destination was back in 2009.

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