DECISION 2018: How much money have candidates spent on political ads?


Political candidates hope big pockets translate into big wins this primary. So far some of them have spent a lot of money, specifically on advertising.

Combing through pages of campaign contributions and expense reports for 2018, News 4 added up how much candidates spent for billboards, TV and radio ads, as well as campaign flyers. Here are the top spenders.

In the race for U.S. Senate, republican Sen. Dean Heller spent $2.7 million. His competitors are nowhere near his spending. Heller will likely face off against Democratic candidate Rep. Jacky Rosen in the general election. She spent $1.6 million on ads so far this year.

Another incumbent, Mark Amodei, is running again for congress. His campaign has spent about $83,000 for ads. His competitors only spent a small fraction of that. Republican Sharron Angle, for example, spent just over $3,000 for the year. The Democratic candidates for Congress spent minimal money, just a few thousand dollars combined.

In the race for Governor, Adam Laxalt and Dan Schwartz have the most money. Laxalt spent about $500,000 while Schwartz about $340,000. On the Democratic side, Chris Giunchigliani and Steve Sisolak are battling it out. Chris G. -- as she’s nicknamed -- spent more than $1.1 million this year. Sisolak spent five times that amount at more than $5.6 million.

Washoe County Sheriff’s candidates Darin Balaam spent the most on TV ads, billboards and mailers, $142,000 this year. Sherman Boxx is next with $50,000. And Heidi Howe is at $38,000.

Finally, in the race for Reno Mayor, newcomer Azzi Shirazi dropped about $100,000 this year on advertising. The next closest is incumbent Hillary Schieve whose ads cost her more than $60,000. Eddie Lorton spent the third most at $18,000.

To delve deeper into the numbers, check out the official campaign financing reports from the Nevada Secretary of State's Office. All you have to do is click this link, and search for the candidate and race you're looking for.

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