Attorney for Hug High School student shot by officer blasts WCSD

Attorney David Houston, seen here in this file photo, is representing the student who was shot by a school police officer at Hug High School (Sinclair Broadcast Group)

Reno attorney David Houston is not pulling any punches. He's representing the family of the 14-year-old student shot by a school resource officer at Hug High School on Wednesday, December 7, 2016.

"It is my belief we do not send our children to school to be shot," he said.

He asks why other, non-lethal methods were not used. Houston said, "What strikes me as very odd is there is no step between the use of lethal force and other methods that could have perhaps rendered the situation harmless, absent shooting a young person while in attendance at Hug High School."

After watching some videos posted on social media of the shooting, he wonders if the action potentially put other students at risk.

Houston said, "The police officer firing into what amounts to be a group of people, suggesting the same to be the safe and best method appears, at least from the video, to be suspect to say the least."

He is also seeking answers on what happened right after the shooting. Houston said, "We have questions as the immediacy of any medical care that was offered to the young man as he laid on the sidewalk and was literally bleeding out."

Houston is also looking into what led up to the incident in which reports and video indicated the boy was armed with two knives and wildly lashing out at students in a crowd gathered around him. Houston said, "Was it a situation of bullying that the family had tried to address unsuccessfully with the Administration?"

The attorney criticized the District for its news conference and refusal to answer questions about the school's use of force policy.

Houston said, "It is not surprising to me the school district is not talking at all in reference to their, quote, use of force policy. One would question whether or not one even exists based upon what took place in this particular matter."

It is not clear whether a lawsuit is ahead. Houston said this is still in its very early stages. He said, "For anyone to form a conclusion at this point in time, including us, as to what happened and what should have happened would be premature to say the very least."

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