Ask Joe: Can Lampe Park geese be rounded up ?

Colleen Nestroyl wrote in asking if there's anything that can be done about the more than 100 geese at lampe park in gardnerville ? She says they're becoming a real nuisance !
Colleen even sent in some photos showing the geese hanging out in the park. There are a lot of them seemingly minding their own business but if you know geese you know they can be aggressive and they do make a mess.

Unfortunately Colleen there's not much that can be done. I checked with Chris Healy with the Nevada Divsion of Wildlife. He says if you have a park, and there's water nearby like you have at Lampe, you can expect geese to make themselves at home there.
NDOW does conduct round-ups in Reno at Virginia Lake but that is only because the airport is close by and the geese can pose a real hazard for air traffic.
Outside of that Healy says it would take a request from a public agency like the parks department in Douglas County to conduct a round-up.
So I called the parks department and they tell me they have decided they are happy with the geese since they are part of the natural surroundings and they do not want to disturb them in any way.
So, Colleen, all I can tell you is watch your step, and get used to the geese because it doesn't sound like they are going anywhere anytime soon.

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