"Granny flat" ordinance shot down by Reno City Council


The Reno City Council voted unanimously Wednesday night to reject a proposed accessory dwelling unit, or so-called "granny flat", ordinance.

The vote affirmed the unanimous recommendation by the Reno Planning Commission.

If the ordinance had passed, over 12,000 homeowners would have had the opportunity to build ADUs on their properties.

The vote occurred after several hours of discussion and public comment.

During that period, Mayor Hillary Schieve, said she did not believe that ADUs were a solution for affordable housing. City staff echoed that sentiment.

Most of those who commented were against ADUs, and many were residents who live in the Newlands Heights Conservation District. In the most recent version of the ordinance, however, the Newlands area was excluded from the ordinance.

Many who were against the ordinance argued that ADUs would increase traffic, housing density and would cause parking issues. They also argued that they would ruin the character and integrity of existing neighborhoods.

There were several comments in favor of the ordinance.

Some argued that ADUs are a good housing alternative. For example, they would allow for multi generational families to live together on the same lot.

Other arguments for the ordinance were that the ADUs would increase the property value of a home.

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