A local veteran will see the night light up in a different way this holiday season

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RENO, Nev. (News 4 & Fox 11) -- Stan Johnson is a retired Army Veteran who served in multiple wars, with the latest one being Desert Storm. Since then, his vision has deteriorated, and he's unable to climb a ladder in order to install Christmas lights onto his home during the holidays.

Through its Decorated Family Program, local company Signature Landscapes selected the Johnson family from a list of military family nominees. The Johnsons are one of four families that were selected to have their homes decorated for the holidays this year.

Stan's daughter, Teresa Long said that her father is accustomed to serving and doing for others, and that having the holiday decorations installed for him is a nice way to give back. She also said that her parents throw a holiday party every year, and that he will be proud to have people over this year because of the new decorations.

Stan has served a total of 31 years and he said that he felt very humbled by the gesture and that this year's holiday season will be special.

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