5,000 homes could come to Cold Springs in next 20 years

Cold Springs could see a boom in development if the City of Reno approves the 5,000 residential units.

More homes could be built in the Cold Springs area north of Reno over the course of 20 years.

The developer is proposing to rezone the Heinz Ranch area to Stonegate in front of the Reno City Council Wednesday, November 15.

The city will consider the master plan amendment, which would remove the industrial land use designation and establish it as a more residential community.

That plan includes building up to 5,000 residential units, as well as a mixture of commercial, industrial, three elementary schools and one high school. The construction of the residential area would be divided into five phases, with everything being built on a floodplain.

The project is controversial due to homeowners' concerns about the potential effects on traffic, flooding, and wildlife.


The potential gridlock on Highway 395 is a possibility. During rush hours, traffic can back up on U.S. 395 from Cold Springs to Interstate 80.

"It's money," said David of Cold Springs. "They want tax money."


David said, "It's going to flood all these houses. It will, like Lemmon Valley. The water went underneath the road through the culverts and up on the other side of the road this year. What's going to happen next year when this is built? No more runoff."

"Right now in the area, there is a flooding problem as 395 functions almost like a dam in this area," said Claudia Hanson, planning manager with the city of Reno. "This project will actually support improvement on the drainage situation in the area."

Hanson could not confirm if new residents needed to purchase flood insurance. She said the developer is proposing to alleviate the flooding problem by adding more drainage capacity going under the freeway.

The proposal also includes realigning drainage ways on the site, getting them to an area where they can manage water and allow more drainage underneath the freeway.


The developer is working with Truckee Meadows Water Authority and the state on water rights. If TMWA does not allow the water, the project will not continue.


Included in the project is a minimum of 200 apartment units slated for affordable housing. This will be built in the last phase.

"We know very well that affordable housing is an issue in this community, and it not being online until the fifth phase does give us some concerns," said Hanson.


According to Hanson, during the preliminary inspection of the property, tribal artifacts where discovered. The items were not disclosed. However, the pieces were documented. Hanson also noted that as of now, the land is not considered sacred.

The property is annexed to the city of Reno, though it lies in unincorporated Washoe County.

News 4 reached out to the Ferraro Group who represents the developer; the company has declined to comment about the project at this time.

The proposal is set to take place at Wednesday's council meeting in City Hall no earlier than 4 p.m.

If approved, the project would go to the regional planning for project regional significance. The earliest the ground-breaking could happen would be next summer.

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