Knowing Nevada: Clowns, ghosts and hauntings can all be yours for nearly $1M

Clown Motel office.png

The Clown Motel in Tonopah, Nevada opened in the 1980s by a brother and sister. Their father, Clarence David, is buried in the "Tonopah Cemetery 1901-1911" next door.

The David family clown collection was moved from Las Vegas to Tonopah when the building went up, and it still sits inside the motel now.

In 1995, Tonopah native and businessman Bob Perchetti purchased the property and improved the clown collection from 150 to the 600-plus clowns inside the office and rooms today.

Twenty-two years later, the property is for sale for an asking price of $900,000.

News 4 anchors Ryan Kern and Bryan Samudio decided to check-in and see what the global talk is all about.

"In the early 1900s, they had a plague from Europe and a lot of the miners died," says Perchetti. "You'll see it on the tombstones, from the plague."

Others buried in the neighboring cemetery are the 17 miners who were killed in the 1911 Tonopah Belmont Mine Fire.

Many believe some of those minors now haunt the grounds of the Clown Motel.

"Mist may show up, an apparition may show up," says Clown Motel Night Clerk Merlena Dufour. "I like to keep the television on at night because I hear voices."

Perchetti has many ideas on how to improve the motel, including hosting a clown convention and creating a clown theme park on the property.

Despite the motel being on the market, he is still optimistic the next owner could make those improvements happen.

"It will be in writing. I would like to see this continue as a clown motel," says Perchetti. "I would like to see them improve it and make it bigger."

Perchetti says he gets several calls a day from interested parties from all around the world.

One person interested in the motel is Zak Bagans, host of the television show Ghost Adventures, who helped make the location famous during Season 11 of the program.

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