Knowing Nevada: Sheep Dip prepares to drop its final curtain after 55 years on stage

    The last cast of Sheep Dip Fifty-Five stand on the stage in the theater at the Eldorado Resort.

    "All good things must come to an end," says Ron Smith, who is one of the last remaining 'stool-meisters' of Reno's longest running shows.

    Since 1965, local casino showrooms have featured an annual showcase of 'sagebrush satire' that roasts news-makers, politicians, and the eye-brow raising headlines of each year.

    "We call the thing 'sheep dip' because we dip our local officials in a vat of satire to clean them off of the vermin that has leached upon them over the course of each year," Smith stated.

    You may have heard of the Sheep Dip Show. Hard of hearing? Maybe you have seen it on a billboard or an advertisement?

    The hubbub behind the whole showcase, for the past half-a-century, mimics a 1960's show titled 'That Was the Week that Was," a show that would detail newsworthy topics of the week. in the early 1960's in Reno, local broadcasters and the Reno Advertising Club got together to make this show as a gift to the state on the hundredth anniversary of Nevada's ratification.

    "You know, we've never been sued but why would you want to sue us? We're innocent as we are guilty. The show has had top politicians like, almost, each Governor and the late Paul Laxalt. We're here to laugh at each-other and come together," said Don Thompson, one of the original producers and a veteran writer of the show. "I witnessed the birth and, now, I'm witnessing the funeral."

    The show is coming to an end. Ir might be hard to digest but the truth of the matter is that in this digital age, the humor can seem confusing to younger audiences and public affairs aren't a hot commodity to the people of Northern Nevada as it used to be.

    "I think 55 years was plenty of time to create a retrospective of laughs for the people of northern Nevada," said Ron Smith.

    The cast of Sheep Deep, as well as its veteran members, have raised over 450,000 dollars to local charities over the years. Even though this hilarity for charity is pulling the rope on its final curtain, its cast and crew want to be remembered as a good laugh for a greater community.

    Tickets are still available and you can find more info here!

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