Knowing Nevada: Hans Meyer-Kassel's influential depiction of northern Nevada

Hans Art 1.png

When artist Hans Meyer-Kassel fled Germany before World War II, his once scenic and peaceful art took a dark turn.

When he settled in Carson City, and later Genoa, he found himself again.

"He had to re-establish himself again," says Kassel's nephew Bill Brooks. "He had some notoriety for his work in Europe, but then to immigrate to the United States, he had to start off fresh."

Part of that process of making a name for himself in America was being the first to paint Nevada governor portraits at the state capital. He did the same in California as well.

Brooks still lives inside the building that was once Kassel's Genoa art studio.

Kassel's work is well known throughout Genoa and parts of northern Nevada, but now the Nevada Museum of Art is giving the artist the mass exposure he deserves.

Reno art specialist Jack Bacon, working with Guy Clifton and others, has published a 204-page book showcasing Kassel's work, which is also on display at the museum through September.

Bacon says the paintings are unique portrayals of northern Nevada. You can see his thoughts on Meyer-Kassel and his art in the video link below.

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