Knowing Nevada: Film Industry Comeback

As Nevada's economy shifts from being focused on gaming to a mixture including big business and technology, one lawmaker hopes to boost another industry that is considered both old and new.

Assemblywoman Maggie Carlton is hoping to see her Assembly Bill 137 pass during the 2017 Legislature.

The bill is designed to entice production companies to film major motion pictures in Nevada through tax incentives.

"They're very good jobs, they're career type jobs," says Carlton.

During the 2013 legislative session, a bill was passed allocating $80 million in tax incentives for the film industry, with $20 million to be used each year for four years.

The first round was successful, but the remaining $60 million was never used in film because it was transferred to Tesla to help bring the automaker to Nevada in 2014.

"We now see that is working," says Carlton. "Things are fine there. We still need to make sure we have a solid film industry and there are a lot of folks who are interested in this."

The financial specifics of what A.B. 137 will center around are yet to be determined.

The bill has been moved to the Committee on Taxation for further development and discussion.

The Las Vegas market primarily took advantage of the tax breaks associated with the 2013 legislation, but the roots of Hollywood coming to Nevada are in Reno.

The Mapes Hotel was build in 1947, where the Reno City Plaza now sits in downtown.

One of the most exciting times of the 1950s and 1960s was when the movie "The Misfits" was filmed around northern Nevada.

The movie's stars, including Marilyn Monroe and Montgomery Clift, stayed at the Mapes during filming.

"Of all the movies that were shot up here, that had to be the best, or the most important one," says Mapes Advertising and Marketing Director Harry Spencer.

Spencer says people 'went ape' as Monroe called Reno home for months.

Times have changed, of course, and Nevada's film industry needs rehabilitation.

Carlton hopes to give it a new boost this session.

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