Knowing Nevada: 20 Years of Joe Hart at News 4


Joe Hart first started at KRNV News 4 on March 17th, 1997.

20 years later, many recognize him as the face of television news in northern Nevada.

"When I first got here in 1998, there was just something about him," says News 4 Anchor Bill Frankmore. "He had that integrity, that anchorman look and voice, he just kind of looked like he should be headlining something."

After kicking off his career in California, Joe first came to Reno to work for KOLO before leaving for KLAS in Las Vegas in 1995.

A year and a half later, however, Joe returned to northern Nevada to accept a job at News 4, a career still going stronger than ever.

"People know he is an amazing reporter, he is a great investigative reporter and they know he is a solid anchor, but what they do not know about Joe is that he has a huge heart," says News 4 Anchor Shelby Sheehan. "He cares so much about this community and I think that really translates into his work."

Cheers to 20 years, Joe!

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