School counselor named Excellence in Education Award Winner


It can be tough to learn in school if children are struggling with issues in their home or with family or friends.

This month, News 4's Excellence in Education Award Winner is not a teacher, but someone who works to make sure little minds are ready to learn!

Just before winter break, evening anchor Shelby Sheehan and a crew surprised school counselor Amanda Seaton during a 2nd grade class at Dodson Elementary School with the award.

Seaton was working with the students on social-emotional learning, a curriculum to help students on an emotional level deal with problems and work through issues they may have.

As the school's counselor, she also provides care and support for students in crisis, organizes intervention services and identifies ways to help families in need.

Seaton says her mother was a teacher and she always knew she wanted to work with children, but it wasn't until she trained to be a teacher she realizes counseling children was where her heart was.

Seaton's principal, Don McHenry says she always goes above and beyond and cares deeply for every student, staff member and family at Dodson.

Congratulations to Amanda Seaton, News 4's Excellence in Education Award Winner for the month of December!

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