Bud Beasley Teacher Named Excellence in Education Award Winner

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It's no secret that the way children learn these days is different than it was just 10 years ago.

A veteran teacher in Washoe County has found the secret to success is adaptation and ingenuity.

This month Marilyn Stefan is News Four's Excellence in Education Award winner!

The 3rd grade teacher has been teaching elementary school children for 24 years, 19 of those at the 3rd grade level.

Although she's a veteran, she's passionate about learning 21st century teaching strategies and changing with the times so her students can get the most out of their time with her.

On-line reading blogs, multi-media presentations and education websites are common practice in her 3rd grade class and she works hard to help parents get caught up with education technology.

She's known for meeting with parents to get them up to speed on the technology being used in class and at home.

Outside the classroom, Stefan is also working on plans for the playground at Beasley to get kids more active.

She says as a young girl, she wasn't crazy about school and became a teacher because she wanted to give children reasons to be excited about school and learning.

Education runs in the family. Her mother was a teacher and her daughter is training to become one too.

Congratulations again to Marilyn Stefan, our Excellence in Education Award Winner for December 2016!

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