Cancer survivor meets idol Roger Federer at US Open


WASHINGTON (Sinclair Broadcast Group) -- A ten-year-old from North Carolina experienced the opportunity of a lifetime after meeting role model Roger Federer at the US Open.

Marc Krajekian fell in love with the sport of tennis because of his ability to meet friends who also play the sport. It was also his first passion according to his dad.

But his playing days came to a temporary halt after being diagnosed with cancer at the age of eight. In order to beat the disease, Krajekian had his leg amputated.

As Krajekian was battling the disease, he received a special message of encouragement from Federer who sent a card telling Krajekian to "be strong, be positive." Federer also promised to play tennis with him after his battle was over setting the precedent for Monday's meeting.

The tennis superstar from Switzerland was practicing before a fourth round matchup in the US Open when Krajekian walked in and played a round with Federer.

"When he finished, I played a point with him and I'd like to thank him for that," Krajekian said. "My time at the US Open has been amazing. I don't want to go home. I want to stay here."

Federer told reporters that he was excited to help make a dream come true considering "the rough life" Krajekian has had.

"I wanted to make sure he got the full treatment and the best experience possible," Federer said. "I hope he enjoyed himself."

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