Reno woman sent intimidating letter, telling her she has 'no right to vote'

Reno woman sent intimidating letter, telling her she has 'no right to vote'

A local woman says someone tampered with her mail and sent her an intimidating letter, telling her she has 'no right to vote' because she broke 'federal law by entering this country illegally.'

Maria Georgina Becera Dearcos, who has been a U.S. citizen since 1998, said the letter made her angry, but she responded by casting her ballot the next morning.

"(They were) wanting to intimidate the Latino vote. But obviously it did not work because I voted two days ago," Becera Dearcos said.

On Tuesday October 30th, Becera Dearcos checked her mailbox after work and saw that a letter had been tampered with. Inside that letter was a handwritten, cursive note in with spelling and grammar errors.

"It is people like you who have broken United State’s federal law by entering this country illeagley, who have no right to vote, let alone any rights what so ever," the letter said.

"The fact that you don't support Trump prove's you don't deserve to live here."

Becera Dearcos filed a police report with the Reno Police Department. The case is currently being transferred to U.S. Postal Service investigators.

Voter intimidation is against Nevada state law and is a class E felony, punishable by up to four years prison time.

Nevada Revised Statutes prohibits "any person, in connection with any election, petition or preregistration or registration of voters to ... use or threaten to use any force, intimidation, coercion, violence, restraint or undue influence."

The Nevada Secretary of State's office suggests anyone who is feeling pressured or coerced to vote a certain way or not vote at all to contact their elections division at 775-684-5705.

READ the letter in full below:

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