DECISION 2018: Five candidates campaigning to replace Reno Mayor Hillary Schieve

Five candidates campaigning to replace Reno Mayor Hillary Schieve

Reno Mayor Hillary Schieve announced in April 2017 she would seek a second term in office.

The decision to run for re-election may have kept the candidate field relatively small compared to 2014, when 19 candidates battled in a crowded primary.

Five candidates ultimately decided to take on the incumbent. Two candidates (John Coristine and Jesse Razo) declared but have not been actively campaigning.

The 2018 primary election is on June 12. The top two vote-getters in the Reno mayor race will advance to the November election.

The mayor hopefuls face an uphill battle, since Schieve had already raised over $70 thousand by the end of 2017, according to Nevada Secretary of State records.


Schieve is Reno's 28th mayor, having assumed the role in 2014 after defeating Raymond "Pez" Pezonella with more than 60 percent of the vote.

She said affordable housing, homeless services and public infrastructure are her most important issues as she seeks another term.


Eddie Lorton is one of a few challengers with some experience in the race for Reno mayor. Lorton previously ran for mayor in 2014, earning 8.7 percent of votes in the primary.

He's lived in Reno for 56 years and told News 4-Fox 11 that if elected, he would work to move the Record Street homeless shelter out of downtown Reno.


Chad Dehne has run for Reno mayor four times. In 2010, he lost to Bob Cashell in the general election. More recently, he earned less than 1 percent of the primary vote in 2014.

Dehne, a U.S. Marine veteran, wants to sell the "lavish" Reno city hall building, "dismantle" the Reno Gazette Journal newspaper, and "stop cronyism and kick-back contracts."


Michael Hagen told News 4-Fox 11 he wants to move the Biggest Little City in a "less liberal" direction. He calls himself the "Eyes and Ears of Reno."

Hagen said he doesn't like how the room tax is used on art projects, like the downtown Reno space whale.


William Mantle is a UNR criminal justice graduate who works for the Washoe County District Attorney's office as a family support specialist.

Mantle said one of his big priorities is addressing the housing crisis. He suggested passing a city ordinance to prevent landlords from implementing multiple rent hikes during a lease.


Azzi Shirazi is a UCLA philosophy graudate who moved to northern Nevada two years ago. She did an interview with News 4-Fox 11 for this story, but asked that the interview not be used.


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