Certain breeds of dogs and cats banned under new United Airlines policy

United launches a new policy on pets and travel, starting in June. (MGN)

United Airlines is launching a new pet policy that will ban certain breeds of dogs and cats from planes, "out of concern for higher advance health risks," the airline said.

The airline began working on the new policy in March when a woman's puppy died after being put in an overhead bin. The flight attendant said she didn't know the woman's pet carrier had a dog inside.

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Certain breeds of cats and dogs are also banned under the new policy, including American Pit Bull Terriers, Chow Chows, English Toy Spaniels, English and Indian Mastiffs, certain breeds of Pugs, and Burmese and Persian cats. Those animals cleared to fly can only travel in crates conforming to IATA and USDA regulations.

The only animals that can travel on United Airlines planes will be cats and dogs. Travelers must have certain health records for their pets, and layovers between domestic flights must be at least an hour, according to United.

Airline workers will also use a "mandatory acceptance checklist" before you and your pet board a plane.

The changes take effect June 18. United Airlines is encouraging travelers to read its PetSafe policy before flying.

United drafted the new policy with help from American Humane.

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