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Rollan Melton 2nd grade student named Class Act winner

A challenge from a karate teacher has turned into numerous acts of kindness for one local 7-year-old, and this month she is News 4's Class Act Award Winner.

Evening anchor Shelby Sheehan surprised Millie Batavia during her 2nd grade class at Rollan Melton Elementary School.

Millie was asked to challenge herself in some way by her karate coach.

By giving out hot chocolate for donations on a recent snow day, Millie raised enough money to buy her original goal of 15 blankets for the homeless.

For some karate students the challenge was sit-ups or something to improve yourself, but for Millie she chose to help the homeless and take a little sting out of winter.

As of today she has given out 40 blankets around Reno.

Millie keeps the blankets in the car and drives around with her parents, looking for people who might need them.

Congratulations to Millie Batavia, News 4's Class Act Award Winner for the month of February.

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