Galena student named Class Act Award Winner


There's a 16 year old in Reno who spends her Friday's not working on her own social life, but on making other's social life better.

McKenna Boegle is News Four's Class Act Award winner for the month of March because of her volunteer work in the community.

Evening anchor Shelby Sheehan surprised the Galena High School student during class recently.

For the last year, Boegle has been going on a weekly basis to Sierra Manor Senior Living Center.

For her Girl Scout Silver Project, she donated computers and taught a computer class to residents.

In the process, she came up with her gold project idea which she is currently doing.

Every Friday she alternates between holding a sketching class with paper, coloring books and pencils or baking class in which she brings in all the ingredients for the seniors to put together and bake.

About 8 or 9 seniors look forward to the classes every week, where they socialize with each other and visit with their friend McKenna.

Part of the Girl Scout gold project is making sure a program is sustainable after the girl scout graduates or moves on.

If you are interested in helping McKenna with this program or would just like more information about the Sierra Manor program send an email to

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