Dilworth Middle School student named Class Act Award Winner

Jocelyn De La Torre, Class Act award winner for September 2017, with News 4's Shelby Sheehan (SBG)

An 8th grade student at Dilworth Middle School is a shining example of a true class act.

Just before the October break, News 4's Shelby Sheehan surprised News 4's Class Act Award Winner Jocelyn De La Torre with a crew during a school assembly.

Jocelyn's classmates enthusiastically supported the decision with clapping and cheers.

Principal Laura Petersen says not only is Jocelyn an excellent student and several sport athlete, she regularly volunteers at Kate Smith Elementary and was the manager for the boys basketball team at Dilworth.

Jocelyn says she appreciates the help that others gave her along the way, and she wants to be the same type of mentor for someone else.

Congratulations to Jocelyn De La Torre, News 4's Class Act Award Winner for the month of September!

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