Amy Schumer calls Reno 'a dump' during BBC interview

Photo: Anne Mavity / YouTube

Amy Schumer is not a fan of Reno.

The comedian was asked during an interview with BBC last week to name to the worst place she could imagine spending a weekend.

After a couple of seconds thinking, Schumer answers with Reno, saying the city is "a dump" when asked for a reason. She also pronounces the state "Ne-vah-duh."

The star of "Trainwreck" performed at the Grand Sierra Resort back in April 2015.

NOTE: This video contains subject matter that could be considered inappropriate.

Some people commented on the Facebook video in response to Schumer's diss of the Biggest Little City.

One person said, "I live in Reno, NV, it's surrounded by the Sierra Nevada mountain range, Lake Tahoe, Pyramid Lake, clean air and filled with good people. You can help to make it less of a 'dump' by staying away."

Another replied, "Wow I really liked Amy until she said in an interview that my hometown is a dump. And she pronounced it wrong.. I hope that was the joke."

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