Inside the Story: With roadway complete, Silver Springs is ready to grow

USA Parkway is seen in this file photo (KRNV)

The completion of the USA Parkway could be a golden opportunity for Silver Springs.

Nestled in the center of Lyon county, Silver Springs has always been a sleepy little town with not a lot happening. That may soon change.

"Silver Springs has been isolated for so long, now it's going to be in the center of everything. We have a very unique opportunity here and we're going to take advantage of it,” says ERGS Incorporated’s vice president, Greg Peek.

The family-owned development company owns about 1,800 acres in Silver Springs. It's land the family has owned for 50 years.

For the past 20, they've been waiting for the right time to begin their “Imagine Silver Springs Project," and with the completion of USA Parkway, the company believes the time is now.

“We’re going to build roads, we're going to do it right, and we're working with the community to do it right,” says Peek.

They're starting out slow - building four homes - but when Imagine Silver Springs is complete, they could build as many as 2,000, along with a shopping center, restaurants and park space.

Like any change, not everyone is open to it, and ERGS has received some pushback from those who want to keep things quiet around here. But the majority of the people we spoke with are excited about the possibilities new growth will bring to their community.

“I want to see some good new development. Maybe get a Walmart or a Smith's, a couple good gas stations and just draw in the good people,” says longtime resident Erik Johnson.

Lyon County Comissioner Ken Gray is also optimistic about the growth.

"It's going to provide a place for people to live, and own homes and support the Tahoe Reno Industrial Complex, and as that expands down into Lyon County, we'll be able to have workers that actually live in our community,” he says.

USA Parkway isn't only generating interest from developers in Silver Springs. It's also generating more traffic at the town's tiny airport.

Airport owner and operator Kay Bennett says it’s a game-changer.

"Folks can land here, meet their folks up at the industrial complex in 15-20 minutes, complete their business in a day and be on their way," says Bennett.

Time will tell if Silver Springs is finally on its way, but Gray and developers are excited about the future.

"They will have choices to shop, recreate, they won't have to go to Carson, they won't have to go to Reno -- this will be there home."

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