Inside the Story: Don Weir's big donation to Nevada baseball

Inside the Story: Don Weir's big donation to Nevada baseball (SBG)

The man who made the largest donation in the history of Wolf Pack Baseball is already seeing the return on his investment.

Earlier this month, Reno Dodge owner Don Weir made a $1 million investment to help renovate Peccole Park. We caught up with Weir as he walked the field now named in his honor.

"I played four years here, and I'll tell you, it was the springboard for the rest of my life," Weir said. "I would have never been in Reno, our business never would have happened, and I'm blessed to come up here."

Weir has always been an active Wolf Pack supporter, but he wanted to do something big for his alma mater. Head baseball coach T.J. Bruce recalls Weir making the offer.

"He goes, 'Would $1 million work?' And it kind of took me back. I said, 'Whoa, a million bucks, are you serious? He goes, 'Yeah.' And 'I said yeah it would work, of course!'"

And the university isn't wasting any time spending that donation, with the brand new turf already getting laid down. It's one of the initial projects that will one day bear his name, at the soon to be christened Don Weir Field at Peccole Park.

"You know, long after I'm out of the car business, this will be kind of a little legacy, how I got started in Reno -- UNR baseball," said Weir.

Both Weir and Bruce see this as a huge step in the program moving forward. They've developed a special bond and a shared belief that Wolf Pack baseball is ready to bust out.

"He believes in our program, believes in myself and our whole future as we see it," says Bruce.

"He's going to bring in good young talent and raise them here the right way, from freshmen to seniors," Weir said. "I think we'll be in the College World Series sooner than later."

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