Inside the Story: Artists burn midnight oil for Burning Man pieces

More than 200 people had a hand in creating "Inside the Mind of Da Vinci," an art piece for Burning Man 2016 (Sinclair Broadcast Group)

Before losing themselves in the vastness of Burning Man, artists inside a Sparks warehouse are hard at work.

They're inside what's called the Generator, and they're making incredible pieces you have to see to believe.

"These people are really trying to push the parameters into what they're doing, so it's kind of fun to get out there and see what this year's pieces are, 'cause generally they're pretty amazing," artist Colin O'Bryan said.

O'Bryan has been working with another artist, Mischell Riley, since March on their piece, "Inside the Mind of Da Vinci."

Besides a massive Da Vinci head, there's also a 40-foot sperm whale and her calf, as well as dozens of other amazing pieces of art.

And as amazing as the creations are, so is the devotion. Artists spend thousands of dollars and countless hours on their work, and the bar seems to get higher and higher each year.

"Inside the Mind of Da Vinci" will live on after Burning Man. There are plans to make it a permanent display, though some of the other pieces could be destroyed or burned.

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