Taxi Cab Initiative

Local business leaders lent their support and helped EDAWN launch the "Taxi Top" initiative this morning. The initiative is designed to make ads on top of taxi's more diverse as well as business and family friendly. Supporters say currently the ads heavily promote adult entertainment and this hurt Reno's image. EDAWN CEO and President Mike KLazmierski said, "We've had quite a bit of feedback from prospects and people in the community that the messaging we were portraying on our taxi tops was offensive so we decided to make a difference.

The initiative was announced this morning at the Reno-Tahoe International Airport. Supporters say first impressions are important and this initiative is aimed at business travelers. The message promote the Reno area showcasing it as a place to live, work and play.

The EDAWN Foundation, a non-profit arm of EDAWN, has worked with business owners and community leaders to replace 66 existing advertising spaces with Whittlesea Checker Taxi, Inc.

EDAWN is asking area businesses to participate and buy a taxi top promoting their business. For more information contact EDAWN at 775-829-3700.
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