Department of Agriculture confirms Mormon crickets hatching earlier than ever before
Dept. of Agriculture confirms Mormon Crickets are hatching's earlier than ever before (Photo:{ }Dept. of Agriculture)

The Nevada Department of Agriculture has confirmed some of the earliest Mormon cricket hatchings in years.

The first hatching of 2020 happened on February 22nd in Winnemucca, NV.

Mormon Crickets pose a safety threat because they can create unsafe road conditions.

They get on the roads and they are cannibalistic, so they get out there, they get squished, more come to eat those and they get squished and the roads can actually become slick. We've had accidents reported," said Jeff Knight, entomologist with the Department of Agriculture.

And when populations reach outbreak levels, Mormon crickets can also devastate crops.

Jeff Knight, an Entomologist with the Department of Agriculture says early hatching can actually be beneficial. The bugs that do make it through rough weather are expected to be full size around June. 

Knight says there are some things you can do to prevent the bugs from getting into your home. He recommends a cricket fence that guides the crickets around your property. Some over the counter products can be helpful too.

However, the best thing you can do is report any and all crickets you see.

What we'll do at that point is go out and verify it and then get it on to our mapping system so we can then start planning an attack on them when they get bigger," said Knight

To report Mormon crickets anywhere in the state, the Department asks that you provide as much detail about the infestation as possible using the Mormon cricket and grasshopper reporting form.

You can also report them by calling the N.D.A. Entomology Laboratory at (775) 353-3767.

Last year, the Red Rock Area, Hungry Valley, Winnemucca Ranch Road had a decent amount of crickets. The department is keeping its eye in those areas again this year.

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