Lake Tahoe recorded at nearly 3.5 feet above natural rim

Lake Tahoe is sitting at nearly 3.5 feet above its natural rim, according to data released Monday by the National Weather Service.

The lake's height recorded at 6,226.37 feet near Fanny Bridge in Tahoe City on Monday, Feb. 13, while the natural rim rests at 6,223 feet.

Since Oct. 1, Tahoe has risen in high by 3.5 feet, equivalent to more than 138 billion gallons of water.

The volume increased by 425,506 acre/foot. That additional water could supply every home in Reno for about two years.

The Truckee River flow, meanwhile, was six times slower than normal -- 39 cubic feet per second (cfs) on Monday. The normal flow is 266 cfs.

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