Exploring OUR Backyard: Snowshoeing

News 4's Gianna Giorgi and Alex Margulies have some fun snowshoeing at Chickadee Ridge.

Northern Nevada is home to a number of different outdoor destinations, and one of them provides the perfect place to snowshoe.

News 4's Gianna Giorgi was born and raised in Reno, but has never tried the activity. That sparked News 4's Alex Margulies to take Giorgi snowshoeing at his favorite spot: Chickadee Ridge.

Up at the top of Mount Rose Highway is Chickadee Ridge. It takes less than 45 minutes to drive to the base of the location where the hike begins. Our News 4 sports team found that it's best to go around 8:00 in the morning because when the snow begins to get slushy from the heat of the sun, the snowshoes sink instead of staying on top of the snow.

One of the best things about the hike is the reward you get when you reach the top. Chickadee Ridge got its name because of the hundreds of Chickadee birds that fly around in the area. The birds will even eat seeds right out of hikers' hands.

It took our crew about three hours to hike all the way to the top and all the way back down to the car, but keep in mind that includes the time it took to film.

CLICK HERE for directions to Chickadee Ridge.

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