Wooster's Timmins overcomes impossible odds to snag fourth state championship

Eleven and four.

They're numbers that will now always be associated with Ian Timmins.

A few weeks ago, the Wooster Colt became the eleventh wrestler to become a four-time Nevada state champion, but it’s safe to say he became the first to do it in the way he did.

"I was just panicked," said Wooster assistant wrestling coach Eric Brooks. "I was nervous because I don’t know how you wrestle without an ACL. It’s unbelievable to me."

The Navy commit tore his ACL two weeks before the state meet at another wrestling tournament. Most athletes would hang it up then. Most athletes aren't Timmins.

"I think it’s kind of a mindset," said the senior. "I want to go on to be a Navy Seal and that’s pretty much the roughest thing you could go through so kind of in the back of my head I was like, ‘What would I do if I was in that position?’ So I just didn’t what to give up. I told the doctor before he gave the diagnosis, ‘I know it’s messed up but I’m wrestling no matter what.’"

It didn’t come easy though.

"During the wrestling it was pretty painful," said Timmins, who just underwent surgery. "My leg was dead weight honestly. I have a pretty mobile style in wrestling, pretty active style, constantly moving. Not being able to use my leg that much pretty much changed my whole game plan."

"Those last two weeks compared to the last three years was completely different," said Eric, who is also Timmins' wrestling partner. "Even the day of state we wrestled together and I was nervous because he felt off. His knee was bad."

In fact, Timmins needed overtime to win his fourth, and final, state championship.

"I’ve really never seen a young person with that mentality. The ‘I’m going to win’ mentality. It’s pretty unique to be around a kid who is that disciplined at that young of an age," said his head coach Joe Brooks.

Timmins reiterated that point saying, "In the overtime I just said to myself I’m just not going to lose. I’m here so I’ve got to do it."

And so, he did it, in one of the most incredible fashions the state of Nevada has ever seen.

"Most of the time when you see Ian Timmins wrestle it’s just an amazing thing because he’s so good at wrestling. He’ll just do some things that you can’t even believe but that one was a whole other type of wrestling match. The fact that he had to win it from here," said Eric pointing to his heart, "Rather than him just being a better wrestler That was fun to watch. He had to dig really, really deep and you could just tell. That picture where he’s laying on the mat and you could just tell he wanted it. It was good to see."

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