Reno High's Brandon Kaho continues racking up offers

Kaho has over 15 Division I offers.

"Nah, I don’t really keep count. I’m not really that type of person to keep count, but I have a few," said Reno High's Brandon Kaho with a chuckle.

Kaho is referring to the amount of college offers he has received.

And by a few, he means over 15 offers from division I football programs and counting.

The junior played five positions for the Reno Huskies last season, but plans to play linebacker at the next level.

"No, not at all. I didn’t know this was coming," said Kaho of his plethora of offers.

In fact, he verbally committed to BYU last summer because he thought that that would be the best offer he would receive.

"My heart is still with BYU," said Kaho. "I still feel like that’s the right place for me still, but I mean, you never know when you can go to visit another college and see what they have to offer and your feelings can change."

Kaho, who is LDS, also recently decided he would put off college to go on his mission after high school.

"I just realized that football’s going to end at some point. Football’s not always going to be forever, but I know that god will always be there for me and my family," said the Husky of his decision.

Going on a mission will not delay his college decision making progress though.

Kaho still has to put pen to paper come next school year, and there a lot of coaches are hoping that he will sign a paper with their school’s name on it.

"They just said my style of play and how I play the game," remarked Kaho of what coaches think of him. "They really like my character as well. When they talk to my coaches and stuff and me on the phone they can tell I’m not only a good guy on the field but off the field as well."

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