Four-time Nevada State Wrestling Champion Joey Lavallee returns to Reno

Four-time Reno High School Nevada state wrestling champion Joey Lavallee is coming off a NCAA Championship run where the local came in 2nd in the nation.

Now in his offseason, Lavallee is passing along the skills he's learned to the next generation. “I want to be an ambassador to the sport and come in and help kids. The hear about guy's at the NCAA and when they get to see one, it’s like ‘oh man he’s in the room’ and stuff and I know that feeling when I was a little kid,” said Lavallee.

Lavallee credits everything he's learned from his first teacher, his father. “The first tournament I put him hin was the little kids California State Championships," said Joseph Lavallee, Joey's father.

Joey would take second place in his first tournament, and become a national champion by age 10. "He won three national titles that year," said Joseph Lavallee.

Joey says his success comes form his dad's encouragement through the years.

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