Catching up with Reed's Gabby Williams

Gabby Williams had an incredibly successful 2016-2017 campaign. Photo Credit: UConn Athletics

If you tuned in to a UConn women’s basketball game this season, chances are you heard analysts raving about Sparks native Gabby Williams. The Reed grad became one of the top players in women’s collegiate basketball this year, even grabbing the attention of analyst Jay Bilas.

"That was cool because he’s super credible and everyone knows who he is in the basketball world so it was cool to be on his radar," said Williams

Gabby Williams racked up praise and accolades all year, culminating in being honored as the WBCA Defensive Player of Year.

"Coming into the season that wasn’t on my mind at all," said the junior. "For that to happen, it just did a lot for my confidence. I’ve always taken pride in my defense so it felt good that it was getting recognized at that level."

Of course, as whole the season didn’t end the way Williams envisioned it, with UConn losing in the Final Four to Mississippi State on an overtime buzzer beater.

She plans to take the lessons she learned this season and implement them next year.

"Things aren’t going to really be handed to us. I think that was the main thing that we all learned. I hope we just have a different mindset and different motivation to harder in our drills and take every game super seriously and just get better every day."

Speaking of next season, the Reed grad and her team will make a trip to Reno play the Wolf Pack next fall.

Williams remains thankful to Geno Auriemma for giving her an opportunity to play a game her senior year in her hometown.

"It meant a lot because he definitely did not have to do that. I definitely did not expect it so it was just special. Some of my best friends and some of my closest family members have never seen me play so I’m excited that we finally get to come out there."

Even though when they come to Nevada next year, the Huskies won’t be riding basketball’s longest winning streak, there is a silver lining for Williams.

"The only thing that I will say is that it’s nice that now we can start something of our own. Something that can just belong to this team."

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