Suspects back at it, accused of taking residents’ money and not doing the work

A Silver Springs couple paid for someone to restore a 1969 Mustang, but instead they say they've been taken for a ride (SBG)

Jim and Joan Clinton's dream of restoring their 1969 Mustang turned into a nightmare.

“Totally frustrated,” Jim said.

In April, the Clintons hired a man named Anthony Stevens, who they found through Craigslist, to prep and paint the classic car. They paid him $750 upfront to buy supplies for the job. Two other guys showed up with Stevens to the couple’s rural Silver Springs home.

“They went to work on it for about 45 minutes,” Jim said.

Jim paid them another $500 to paint their Saturn too. A $1250 deposit for both cars. The men left with a promise to be back.

“They would be back the next day. And they didn't show. I call, (they said) 'We're on our way.' And they wouldn't show,” Jim said.

“No return calls and all these excuses and excuses and excuses and it didn't settle right at all,” Joan said.

The couple said they’ve called Stevens more than 60 times in two months.

“A lot of wasted time. I've wasted days and days and days waiting for him. Almost every day and never shows up,” Jim said.

Anthony Stevens has been in the news before. Last summer, the Nevada State Contractors Board issued a consumer warning. The board said Anthony Stevens, Richard Stevens, David Stevens and George “Joe” Delmaro were operating under the unlicensed contractor name “Reliable Roofing and Paving.”

The warning said the men “are scamming homeowners, seniors and small businesses by taking their money up front and providing no work or materials. This company carries no Nevada contractors license and is not bonded in the State of Nevada.”

The Clintons saw the board’s photos of the men and said that Anthony Stevens, Richard Stevens and Joe Delmaro are the same men that did work on their Mustang.

On the phone, Anthony tells News 4 that the Nevada State Contractors Board got it all wrong and he was just helping a friend.

But seeing the news coverage from last summer doesn’t sit well with the Silver Springs couple.

“Oh my God, yeah. I just sunk. That's when I was pretty much done with him,” Jim said.

Had the Clintons just searched the internet for the suspect’s name, they would have seen the state’s warning and their photos.

This week, Jim got in touch with Anthony Stevens, who said he would meet Jim on Friday to give him all his money back. It’s a promise the couple has heard before. The couple isn’t getting their hopes up.

“I think he just wants to make a fool out of me,” Jim said.

He said he plans to file a complaint in small claims court if the Clintons don't get their money back.

The Lyon County Sheriff’s Department would not take a report, saying it would be very hard to prove fraud because in the contract they signed there was no mention of a completion date.

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