City manager search: How candidates' cities compare to Reno

Reno City Hall (Image by Jeff Dietch)

The Reno City Council cut the finalists for the Reno City Manager position from four to two today. They come from different communities with challenges and strengths that are different from Reno.

Sabra Smith Newby is a finalist. She is the Assistant County Manager for Clark County, Nevada. It's no secret that Las Vegas is nothing like Reno. It is a large, sprawling, glitzy city trying to recover from being the poster child for America’s housing boom and bust.

Mark Scott is also a finalist. He is the City Manager is San Bernardino, California, a neighbor of Los Angeles. Residents there have lower incomes compared to other nearby cities, and it has a predominately Hispanic population. News agencies report a struggle with gangs, drugs and high crime.

Ricky Horst is the city manager 125 miles from Reno in Rocklin, California. The Reno City Council eliminated him today from consideration. Rocklin is a community of about 61,000 people located in Sacrament's shadow. Rocklin is a big city suburb trying to hold on to a small town feel. The mayor told News 4 that affordable housing is a significant challenge because the town is almost built out.

James Twombly was also eliminated from consideration today. He was the Director of Administration and the city manager in Tulsa, Oklahoma, in the bible belt. He left the position in December. The population closely matches Reno's at about 400,000 people. The city has been working on revitalizing its downtown. Tulsa has a 100 year history of racial tensions and segregation that still lives on today.

Thomas Barwin was a fifth candidate who withdrew his resume last week. He is the City Manager in the town of Sarasota, Florida.

The city of Reno had received 41 resumes in its search for a new city manager.

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