Ask Joe: Why is RPD patrolling Sparks intersection?

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From the Ask Joe file, a question tonight about the Pyramid-Mccarran Interchange project but the question isn't about the construction.

A couple of viewers including Robert wrote in asking why there are Reno Police officers doing traffic patrol at the Pyramid-Mccarran intersection in Sparks? Robert says he would think Sparks Police would be in charge of enforcing traffic laws there.

Here's what I found out:

The Pyramid-Mccarran Interchange is a huge project aimed at cutting down on back-ups and also making the intersection safer.

To answer the question, Reno Police are helping to patrol the area and enforce traffic laws.

I checked with Lt. Scott Dugan with the Reno Police Department about this. He says RPD has made an officer available to help promote safe driving at the intersection. The officer is paid for by a commercial vehicle safety grant called the motor carrier assistance safety program or MCASP. Part of the reason for the grant is there has been a large increase in truck traffic with our growing warehouse and manufacturing industries.

Officers are doing commercial vehicle inspections, license verifications and other enforcement operations with a focus on crash causing violations. They are using the opportunity to educate drivers about these issues.

Again it is a grant funded program that sets aside money for this effort. And its a situation where Reno Police are helping out by providing some of the manpower for the program.

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